Welcome to Portovenere

Ancient medieval village of the Ligurian Riviera located south of the Cinque Terre on the western shore of the promontory of the Gulf of La Spezia,
represents a site included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
Art, sea, history and culture: that’s why choose Portovenere and stop in this beautiful tourist resort.

Restaurants and Bars

Discover and taste the typical Ligurian dishes, through the culinary paths offered by the best restaurants of Portovenere and the surrounding areas.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the best craft ice cream,
cocktails excellent and the atmosphere of the local typical of the area.

Where to stay

Search among the accommodations of the Municipality of Portovenere the most suitable for your needs.

Choose from many hotels, guest houses, b & b and residences in all the hamlets, even on the island!


There are many opportunities to go shopping in Porto Venere.

The most fashionable shops alternate with craft workshops and in the square the market to buy fruit and vegetables, fresh fish or small items to give as a souvenir.


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    The villages



    The town of Porto Venere rises at the southern end of a peninsula, which, detaching itself from the indented coast line of the Ligurian coast of Levante, forms the western bank of the Gulf of La Spezia, also called"Gulf of Poets".
    At the end of this peninsula there are three small islands: Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.


    Le Grazie

    The picturesque seaside village is located in one of the breasts of the west coast of the Gulf of La Spezia.
    Coming from Porto Venere, the first of these breasts is called Cala dell'oliva, it follows another that takes its name from a monastery of Olivetan monks,
    the sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace.



    The village is situated in an inlet on the western side of the Gulf of La Spezia, at the base of the mountain Castellana.
    Fezzano is the first hamlet of the municipality of Porto Venere that meets on the only road that runs along the coast.


    Palmaria Island

    Located in front of the village of Porto Venere,
    from which it is separated by a narrow stretch of sea called Le Bocche, is part of an archipelago also constituted by the islands of Tino and Tinetto.

    A journey back in time

    Roman villa

    The Roman villa of the Varignano, of residential rustic type, is situated in the inlet of the Varignano Vecchio in Le Grazie, in the territory of the municipality of Porto Venere, on the slopes of the hill Muzzerone and open to the sea, in a landscape of exciting beauty.

    St. Peter church

    Built on the rocky spur at the end of the country that from the open sea, the church was founded on the ancient remains of the pagan temple dedicated to the goddess Venus Ericina.

    doria castle

    On the rocky acrochorus that serves as its base, stands the Castle with its powerful structure made of blind walls escarpment and mighty vaults in local stone. The Castle of Porto Venere represents a true model of Genoese military architecture.

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