“Gino Montefinale – A journalist from Porto Venere”

Gino Montefinale was born in Porto Venere on 9 June 1881 from an ancient and illustrious family; his father and grandfather were doctors of the village who are still remembered for their generous humanity.

Montefinale attended the elementary school of Porto Venere, where he lived a happy childhood with his companions, all children of fishermen.

He continued his studies at the institute Da Passano alla Spezia following the physics-mathematics section until graduation. He attended the Naval Academy of Livorno, where he distinguished himself for his extraordinary maritime, technical and scientific skills that led him to the conquest of fame, especially for his active collaboration with the scientist G. Marconi.

In 1963 the engineer Montefinale receives “la Fronda d’Oro” with the following motivation: “A very valuable technician, a collaborator of G. Marconi in the historical experiences of the Elettra, he gave the studies of radiotelegraphy effectiveness of vulgarization, thus contributing, especially for the knowledge and use of radar, the preparation of young people aspiring to the career of the sea and aviation”.

He collaborated extensively on scientific and historical topics, and was a consultant to the encyclopedia Hoepli in the telecommunications-radio sector of the Museums and Technology of Milan and the Naval Department of La Spezia.

Gino Montefinale dies in Genoa on 21 December 1974

In addition to scientific books, engineer Montefinale left important historical theses to posterity, which reveal his deep love for the village:

Porto Venere
Porto Venere, bulwark of Genoa in the Tyrrhenian Sea
Porto Venere and its castle
Tourist guide to the ancient churches and the remains of Porto Venere

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